Robotics Design 2 Syllabus

CTE Robotics Design 2/STEM

Matthew Santambrogio: Rm. 34, 720-423-7167

Credits: 5 per semester
Prerequisite: Acceptance into CCT Magnet and successful completion (C or better) of  Robotics Design 1 Coursework
Grades: 10-12
In this dynamic technology class students get to work with: BEST, Seaperch, Solar Rollers and other robotics kits and components. Students learn basic programming with C, C+, and others and gain understanding in project management for robot construction and operation.

For more information check out the BEST, Seaperch, and Solar Rollers websites.

Welcome to Rocky Mountain BEST

$70 Lab Fee. The lab fee is for equipment used in our curriculum that is not covered by the district. The equipment includes but is not limited to: robotics building supplies, competition fees, camcorders, headphones, microphones, videotape, wiring, and overall computer maintenance. If any student cannot afford the lab fee, see Mr. Fornstrom, CCT department chair, for a waiver.

Over the course of the year there are numerous opportunities for students to volunteer in our community, at school, and at district events. It is strongly encouraged that students participate in these events and represent T.J. Robotics in a positive manner.
As the very foundation of this class revolves around a number of competitions students are expected to attend all competitions, kick-offs, practice days, and team events. Students and parents will be notified well in advance of these dates.
Fundraising is essential to the success of the T.J. Robotics courses, the ever increasing cost of materials, travel, technology, parts, and supplies is a constant struggle to maintain. As such it is a course expectation that students participate in any/all fundraising opportunities including but not limited to Snapraise, Jim and Nicks, Merchandise sales, etc.

Much work will be done in the robotics lab, but it is necessary for you to bring school supplies (writing utensils, notebook, etc) with you every day.

Student Expectations:
Thomas Jefferson CCTM students are provided additional opportunities and resources which requires commitment and responsibility. For this reason, these students are expected to be school leaders and exemplars by setting a positive tone at TJ.

Students are required to use all resources in a safe and respectful manner that contributes to the betterment of the program. Any deliberate misuse of resources or misconduct will be dealt with in accordance to school and district policies and may result in one or more of the following consequences: withdrawal from any/all CCTM courses, fines/fees to repair/replace materials, suspension/expulsion, possible additional legal action.

By reading and signing this, you agree to be a leader at Thomas Jefferson High School and to abide by the highest standards as a student.

Course Robot Build Overview:
Unit 1: Shop Safety
Unit 2: Best Robotics
Unit 3: Seaperch Robotics
Unit 4: Solar Rollers

• Build schedule is subject to change due to changes in robotics technology, competition advancement, and class

During the school year, students in the Robotics class will have the opportunity to participate in a number of competitions taking place at various locations. Parents are always welcome at these events and information regarding the events will be made available prior to the events.

Office Hours:
Due to the nature of this program, we highly encourage students to come in during office hours on Wednesdays since they cannot do lab work at home. Please see TJ student planner and listen to announcements for details about office hours.

Instructors will follow school policies for attendance, tardies, grades, and electronic devices.